Kyrgyz Government Falls As Coalition Partner Withdraws

Kyrgyzstan's Ata-Meken (Fatherland) party has announced its withdrawal from the ruling coalition, which means the government has effectively been dissolved.

Ata-Meken leader Omurbek Tekebaev announced the party's departure from the coalition after a meeting of the parliamentary Ata-Meken faction on March 18.

The party said Prime Minister Jantoro Satybaldiev had lost the moral right to continue in his post after a criminal boss was prematurely released from prison last year and subsequently fled the country.

The party also cited Satybaldiev's inability to resolve the issue of boosting Kyrgyzstan's share in the Kumtor gold-mining project.

Ata-Meken was part of a ruling coalition formed in September 2012 that included the Social Democratic Party and Ar-Namys (Dignity).

Ministers will stay on in their posts until a new government can be formed.


Millions frozen in Kazakh exile’s assets in Malta

Austrian lawyer Gabriel Lansky is hunting down one-time oligarch Rakhat Aliyev, although it is unsure whether the Kazakh millionaire is still in Malta.

The Kazakh exile Rakhat Aliyev could have had over €40 million in assets frozen by a Maltese court over a money laundering investigation, the Austrian lawyer hunting him down has told MaltaToday.

Gabriel Lansky is an old nemesis of Aliyev, 52, the man who was once the son-in-law of Kazakhstan dictator Nursultan Nazarbayev. Since he moved to Malta in 2010, the family feud has spilled onto the island: Austrian investigators want to question him over a double-murder in Astana, German police are investigating an alleged money laundering operation from Krefeld, and two bodyguards are petitioning the Maltese courts to force the police to investigate him on accusations of torture.
On his part, Aliyev portrays himself as an agent of democratic change ousted by Nazarbayev, accusing people like Lansky – who represents the wives of the murdered Nurbank bankers – of being bankrolled by the regime.More ...

EU-Kommission will mehr Verantwortung für Europol im Fall der europaweiten Ermittlungen gegen R. Aliyev

Der Fall des früheren Botschafters der Republik Kasachstan in Österreich und Ex-Schwiegersohn des kasachischen Staatspräsidenten beschäftigt weiter die Gremien der Europäischen Union.

Mehrere Abgeordnete des Europäischen Parlaments haben parteiübergreifend von der EU-Kommission eine Auskunft und Stellungnahme zu den EU-weiten Implikationen der Anschuldigungen gegen Dr. Aliyev mit besonderem Fokus auf grenzüberschreitende staatsanwaltliche Ermittlungen zu Geldwäsche, Mord, Vorwürfen zu Korruption, Bestechung, Urkundenfälschung sowie den Verdacht auf nicht rechtmässigen Besitz eines Fremdenpasses, ausgestellt durch eine Behörde in Österreich, erbeten.More ...

Swiss Announce Karimova Money-Laundering Probe

Swiss prosecutors say they're investigating Gulnara Karimova, the eldest daughter of authoritarian Uzbek President Islam Karimov, on suspicion of money laundering.

In a statement on March 12, the office said the criminal probe expanded to include Karimova in the fall of 2013.

The statement linked the probe to "alleged illegal acts taking place in the telecommunications market in Uzbekistan." It said some 660 million euros ($915 million) of suspected Uzbek assets had been seized by Swiss authorities.

Swiss authorities first launched a criminal money-laundering probe against four Uzbek nationals with close ties to Karimova in July 2012, the statement said, adding that the suspected illegal activities were linked to the Uzbek telecommunications market.More ...

Turkmen protest in Vienna

The session of the OSCE Permanent Council was held in Vienna on 27 February which was attended by Turkmenistan’s Ministry of the Interior Rashid Meredov. Taking advantage of this visit, Turkmen human rights and opposition members arranged a protest at the Hofburg Palace, the event venue. They reminded foreign diplomats and the Turkmen Minister of continuous violations of human rights in Turkmenistan by the current government.

piket2More ...

Freezing Order by Maltese Court against Rakhat Aliyev and his wife

A court decision, issued February 27, 2014, decided to freeze assets, owned by Rakhat Aliyev, his wife Elnara Shorazova and corresponding companies, owned by one or both of them.More ...