Where is Turkmenistan’s Gas Money Going?

The Turkmen government has announced that it no longer depends solely on natural gas as a revenue source. NBCentralAsia analysts say this is unlikely to be true, and the real question is how much of the gas money makes it into the official coffers, since management of the revenues from Turkmenistan’s mineral wealth is far from transparent. More ...

Congress Caucus on Central Asia

Nothing highlights the growing importance of Central Asia in Washington more than the formation of a congressional caucus.More ...

EU ignores Turkmen rights abuse, seeks gas

An international human rights watchdog on Tuesday accused the European Union of ignoring rights abuses in energy-rich Turkmenistan in the hopes of securing future natural gas supplies.More ...

All That Gas?: The EU and Turkmenistan

The European Commission is turning a blind eye to corruption, lack of transparency and poor human rights in the repressive police state of Turkmenistan in a bid to secure future gas supplies, according to a new illustrated briefing paper from the campaign group Global Witness, launched on the eve of the 2009 oil and gas conference in Ashgabat, the Turkmen capital.

The report, ‘All that Gas?’ represents an innovative collaboration between Global Witness and cutting-edge satirical cartoonist, David Rees, who has produced original artwork for the publication. His seven new cartoons feature EU bureaucrats discussing crude strategies to ‘get the gas’. Rees is best-known for his US cartoon series ‘Get Your War On’, published on the internet and in Rolling Stone magazine.


icon_pdf All That Gas? (11/2009) Hi-res PDF
icon_pdf All That Gas? (11/2009) Lo-res version
icon_img Comic Strips (in Turkmen)
icon_img Comic Strips (Na russkom)
icon_img David Rees' Comic Strips (In English, hi-res)
icon_doc Gazovyi vopros (11/2009), Word, na russkom
icon_doc Hemme zat gaz üçinmi? (11/2009) Word, Türkmen
icon_pdf Press-Release (11/2009)

Source: Global Witness

The schoolchildren in the Tashkent Oblast continue hard work at the cotton fields

While the government of Uzbekistan celebrates the cotton victory and Islam Karimov congratulates the cotton growers the schoolchildren of Tashkent Oblast continue working hard at the cotton fields under harsh weather conditions, bringing revenue to the country. And there is no financial interest in such commitment. The local school administrations still have no order "from above" to finish the cotton campaign.More ...